Rivets and pins: the advantage of Rotover

Rotover (rumbling) is a mass coating technique where small parts are evenly covered in paint. Regardless of the form or by the assembly of the item, there are no shadows zones (unpainted areas).

These small parts, once the cycle is completed, are coated with paint by superimposition of multiple layers whose resistance characteristics are superior to other types of application (such as flat painting, electrostatic painting, etc.).

A special BI-COMPONENT EPOXY is used, which is designed specifically for this type of application and which possesses characteristics similar to those of PRIME, that is, with excellent resistance to corrosion, abrasion and to saline.

In the specific field of rivets and pins, the application of our coatings have passed the following tests:
– immersion for 6 hours in saline solution
– Adhesion by means of cross-cut tear
– Abrasion
– Uniformity of the visual gloss (shine)
– Dry wash
– Low visual ORANGE PEEL effect
– Color control

In the specific sector of blind rivets we have passed the test of deformation of the stem by minimizing the flaking problem.
We perform customized cycles according to our customer’s needs, with tests and inspections in the laboratory of our trusted supplier.