Metallic coating with combinations of two or more colors

STS the newest metal coatings. Thanks to the cutting-edge process developed in our laboratories we obtain:
– All shades of metal (aluminum, gold, copper, anthracite, bronze, etc.).
– All PEARL colors

On all metallic and plastic items!

But the big news is that STS successfully offered in the market the COMBINATION of two or more metallic or non-metallic COLORS!

The number of combinations that we can is really endless … here are some examples: pearl/golden, pearl/copper, nickel/white, nickel/copper, silver/black, gold/red, etc.

Our colors are made with a mixed system of rumbling and sanding with abrasives. Thanks to the developed technology we can reproduce all the galvanic effects with the big advantage of having no color boundaries.
The finished product has many applications especially where it is necessary to reproduce the original “vintage” look.