A process by which we reach optimum aesthetic results and low cost. Rotover coating in fact allows obtaining items (metal, wood, plastic or similar) that do not have “shadow zones”; even in those pieces assembled and composed of multiple pieces. Processing costs connected to rotover rumbling are really low compared to other types of finish.

Starting from the customer’s specifications, we are able to combine a wide range of catalysts and additives in order to enhance the desired characteristics: elasticity, hardness, opacity, gloss, abrasion resistance or susceptibility to abrasion.

It is very important for us to take care of the smallest detail at each processing stage as well as aspects of the preparation of small parts before coating. Degreasing, washing, sanding and applying primer are some of the cycles that we can do to get the highest quality, both the aesthetic one and the chemical/physical one.

Over the past years, we have been specializing in painting of items of small and medium size made of plastics with metallic finishes.

A great new feature is the pearl finishes that reproduce the effects achievable with galvanic treatment. Compared with the galvanic our work offers an advantage: we can “play” with the colors to create any effect or any shade you want. With the benefits of the LOW-COST ROTOVER!

With our 12 production lines for rotover rumbling we are leaders in Italy in the field and we are able to produce large volumes.

We work with raw materials certified with European standards of the industry and the textile industry.